Video excerpts from lessons with my students and videos of me playing as a drummer in various bands.



Nico started from scratch a year and a half ago. He is a dedicated individual, a music lover, and has a strong desire to progress with the instrument. From the beginning, we have been working on technique, reading, independence, and more, tailoring the drum lessons and program according to his needs and interests.


After trying out other teachers, Arnau’s family decided to look for a more personalized approach and bring him to my drum lessons. Arnau is a great lover of the drums, persevering and diligent, which has led to quick results being seen.


Min-Jin, one of the most adorable individuals I have ever met, reminds us that there is no age limit or language barrier that prevents us from enjoying music and learning an instrument. She had always wished to play the drums and decided that now was the time to do it.

Cathy & Ben

With my students Cathy and Ben, we have formed this Power Trio in our Tuesday lessons, both to play songs we love and to compose. They both started coming to class with no prior experience. The three of us thoroughly enjoy this format.


Andrea is an extremely persevering student, despite not having much time during the week to dedicate to the drums. She comes to class with great enthusiasm and attentiveness. Lesson by lesson, we build and work on songs from bands along with other compositions and exercises.


Tasos has put a lot of work and dedication into these almost three years of lessons. Today, we can see the results in the ideas when composing drum parts, both in the exercises we do in class and with his own band.


With my excellent student Miriam, we formed a Power Duo with the goal of recording two complete songs that we had worked on in drum lessons. We formalized it under the name “Las Fuerzas.” It was a fun and enriching experience for her to play in a band.

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Videos as a Drummer

With Pararrayos.

With Casaplanta.

With Cidonia.