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Love Will Tear Us Apart – Joy Division | Drum Sheet Music

Drum Transcription / Drum chart / Drum Sheet Music of “Love will tear us apart”, song written by the band Joy Division.

Drummer: Stephen Morris

Difficulty level (1-10): 3

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Joy Division and Love Will Tear Us Apart

Joy Division is one of the most influential and legendary bands in post-punk history, left a lasting impact on the music world with their distinctively dark and melancholic sound. And among all the iconic songs they created, “Love Will Tear Us Apart” stands out as a timeless anthem.

Released in 1980, “Love Will Tear Us Apart” became Joy Division’s biggest hit, achieving massive recognition both in the UK and internationally. The song, written by the late Ian Curtis, the band’s lead singer, has become an anthem of heartbreak and a poetic reflection on the struggle between emotional connection and separation.

The rhythmic base

The song opens with captivating and distinctive drumming, performed by drummer Stephen Morris.

Morris is renowned for his minimalist and precise drumming style, and on “Love Will Tear Us Apart” he is no exception. His steady and energetic rhythmic pattern provides a solid foundation for the song’s hypnotic melody and soulful lyrics.

Peter Hook‘s backing on bass also deserves a special mention. Known for his unique style of bass playing, Hook created distinctive melodic lines that intertwine with Morris’s drumming to form an unmistakable sonic structure. On “Love Will Tear Us Apart,” Hook’s bass brings a depth and melodic quality that perfectly complements Curtis’ vocals and Bernard Sumner’s guitar arrangements.

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