Nueva Vulcano - Quiromancia - Partitura de Batería

Quiromancia – Nueva Vulcano | Drum Sheet Music

Transcription / Drum chart / Drum Sheet Music of “Quiromancia”, song written by the barcelonian band Nueva Vulcano.

Drummer: Albert Guàrdia

Difficulty level (1-10): 4

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Nueva Vulcano and Quiromancia

Nueva Vulcano is a rock band from Barcelona, formed in 2001, made up of Artur Estrada (guitar and vocals), Wences Aparicio (bass) and Albert Guàrdia (drums).

From its first compositions, Nueva Vulcano stood out for its ability to create catchy melodies combined with introspective and deep lyrics. Their unique and authentic style has allowed them to gain recognition in the indie and post-punk scene in Spain.

Quiromancia is found within the incredible “Principal primera” LP (2004). For a long time this song has occupied a place on the podium of my favorites. Not only because I find the song incredible and it gives me goosebumps from beginning to end, but also because the drums composed by Albert Guàrdia seem great to me (also from beginning to end). I have transcribed it and worked with my students in drum classes for more than 10 years and now that I have the chance, I share it with whoever is interested.

Thank you Nueva Vulcano for that incredible album and that hymn that is Quiromancy.

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